This weekly linkdump is an outlet for me to catalog what’s making me think, and scratches the itch I have to share it.

  • Love this interview with John Day on The Amp Hour. John is an FAE and Technical Fellow at Microchip Technology. He’s also one of the smartest engineers I’ve ever worked with. A super cool history lesson on 8-bit microcontrollers, and how Microchip has been a big player in the space. I have more than a passing hunch that John has been a big force in shaping Microchip’s trajectory to their current market position.

    The Amp Hour Podcast - An Interview with John Day

  • Great read about how to build stronger cultures through blameless postmortems. I really like the distinction that mistakes or failures come from situations , not individuals. I also really like the followon conclusion that learning, not deterrence, is how you deal with failure.

    Teach people how not to fail. Don’t scare them into never taking risks.

    Blameless Postmortems and a Just Culture

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