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Mon, Jan 13, 20

I’m on this week’s episode of The Amp Hour podcast!

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Sun, Jan 12, 20

Two updates!

On Learning a Second Instrument

Sat, Jan 11, 20

I’ve started learning (re-learning?) guitar in a serious way. It makes me wonder if I never learned my primary instrument at all the right way.

Circuit Notes: A Budget Function Generator

Sat, Jan 11, 20

I haven’t done a Circuit Notes post in a long time. Years, in fact! And I’m considering picking up a function generator as a very late Christmas gift to myself. So, naturally, I started poking around online for function generators.

Life Lesson: Call Your Heroes

Tue, Dec 24, 19

About a decade ago, I was at a bluegrass festival in Colorado, just out of college, and listening to Tim O’Brien play a festival set. Tim whipped out this great talking blues story about Doc Watson, mashed up with a performance of one of Doc Watson’s songs (not the exact performance I saw, but all the good parts are there):

Reviewing Bad Schematics as Interview Tactic

Thu, Dec 19, 19

Here’s an interview tactic for electrical engineers that was recently used on me. I liked it enough to swipe it for myself, and have used it several times since to great effect.

How To Draw Pictures for the Internet

Sat, Nov 16, 19

I love drawing. I’m terrible at it, but I find it’s a great way to organize my thoughts, and get a concept across to other people. I carry a notebook at work to complement my huge Evernote stash of digital text with shoddy pen drawings. I’ve tried and tried to find a way to share drawings online, but I haven’t been able to find a drawing app or tool that gets close to good old pen and paper.

The One Page Guide to Digital Signal Integrity

Sat, Nov 02, 19

I’m boggled by the number of people I interview that don’t know the basics of digital signal integrity. Given that, I’m going to be the change, and write down everything I like to ask EE interview candidates about digital signals.

Wanna Impress an Engineer at a Career Fair?

Sun, Sep 29, 19

Hey, engineering student. Thanks for coming to talk to me at your school’s career fair.

Reflections on Pre-Tirement

Sun, Sep 22, 19

I took a ten week leave of absence from my job this summer to travel the country with my girlfriend in her Subaru Outback. This is the first time since I was 15 that I’ve had more than two weeks off from real life. I’ve been back at work for three weeks now. Here’s what I managed to piece together by getting out of the mainstream, then getting back in.