Writing Simple Python GUIs for your Command-Line-Phobe Coworkers

Tue, Jun 30, 20

If you have a modicum of coding skill, you’ve probably found some crappy little office task that you can automate away with a judicious hundred lines of Python. This typically takes the form of simple command line applications to reformat files: read in input_format.csv, spit out output_format.csv, yada yada. If you’ve got a modicum of empathy to accompany that coding skill, you’ve probably noticed your coworkers have to complete these crappy little office tasks, too. It’s typically this point where most coders get a glimmer in their eye. You start to see a glorious future of automation ahead of you, starting with this single opportunity to remove some drudge work from your coworkers’ plates.

bFunc - Project Journal - May 22 2020

Mon, May 25, 20

This Week's Progress: Researching a bunch of components for the next rev - output opamps, filter topologies, some boost regulators, etc…

bFunc - Project Journal - May 9 2020

Sat, May 09, 20

This Week's Progress: FSK, PSK, planning for DAC control of an output stage, and FINALLY fixing that damn backspace bug on Linux/Mac!

GDB + OpenOCD Setup - Notes for Later

Mon, May 04, 20

Here’s some instructions I’m writing to my future self on setting up GDB and OpenOCD. I don’t set up GDB and OpenOCD too frequently, so I want to leave myself a few breadcrumbs for the next time it happens. I probably wouldn’t have bothered in the first place if I hadn’t had issues connecting to the OpenOCD instance that st-util hosts on this new Ubuntu machine. Lots of issues with flash loader support in the OSSW version of STLink, apparently.

bFunc - Project Journal - May 3 2020

Sun, May 03, 20

Here’s this week’s development updates for bFunc, the open source function generator I’m developing to sell. Each day’s entry represents an hour’s work - the hour before I start work on my real job every weekday morning.

Sometimes You Just Need a New Linux Box

Thu, Apr 30, 20

I plopped down $500 to grab myself a new thin Linux machine. A little thin Lenovo mini desktop.

I Designed and Built My Own Function Generator

Sun, Apr 26, 20

I’ve spent the last two to three months working on bFunc, an open source function generator board. I’ve had a longstanding itch to design some little piece of open source hardware, and I needed a function generator for my own bench. I also got a little obsessed with direct digital synthesis chips, and I needed an excuse to use one in a project.

Why Should You Choose Writing Over Meeting?

Tue, Apr 21, 20

Like I said in part one of this post - it is my firm belief that the brief shall inherit the earth. COVID-19 has provided me the opportunity to acid test that theory. Happily, I’m finding that my hypothesis was correct. Writing is a workplace skill that works for you, and rapidly pays dividends. It allows you to refine your ideas, spread them easily, and sway people to your point of view - all while improving your own understanding, reclaiming your time, and measuring your output.

bFunc - Project Journal - Week Eleven

Mon, Apr 20, 20

Here’s the build log for week elevn of development for the open source function generator I’m trying to prototype and build.

Grist - Week of 4/17/2020

Sun, Apr 19, 20

This weekly linkdump is an outlet for me to catalog what’s making me think, and scratches the itch I have to share it.