Hi. I’m Nash Reilly. I’m an electrical engineer in Boston, MA.

I’ve spent most of my career building consumer electronics. My focus has largely been on designing high speed embedded systems, but I’ve got a reasonable amount of experience in:

I’m also really interested in a few engineering-adjacent-but-less-tech-centric topics, like:

This blog is an attempt to turn some of that experience and interest into serviceable information for people who are not my coworkers.

I also really dig playing bluegrass music, reading sci fi novels, drinking beer, swinging kettlebells, and playing fetch with my dog.

Standing Invitation

I’d love to hear from you in any capacity - technology wise, career wise, or just to shoot the breeze. You can use the “Contact” link on this page, or you can shoot me an email directly at cushychicken@gmail.com.

I love seeing what kind of electronics people are building. As such, I’d be happy to review any electronic schematic that you’re willing and able to send me. I won’t help you with your homework, or to make a deadline, but I’d like to see what you’re building, and offer constructive feedback if I can.

PDFs are most appreciated, so I don’t need to futz with the particulars of a CAD package.

I’m hosting this Jekyll blog on Github Pages, and using the Voyager theme.