This weekly linkdump is an outlet for me to catalog what’s making me think, and scratches the itch I have to share it.

I’m a little late this week. Sorry. :)

  • A short, “Remain Calm” piece to all the folks freaking out about tech sector jobs. It will be hard. But it is not impossible.

    If nothing else, I got a good laugh out of this comment response on HN: “If you can’t read a hopeful, personal story without screaming “Survivorship Bias” and plunging headfirst into self-victimhood, good luck with the rest of your life!

    I Graduated in the Dot Com Bust and Made It As a Programmer - You Will Too

  • I love Esther Perel’s talks. She’s super articulate, and comes at her work from a variety of fascinating and nuanced perspectives. (I used to think that about Adam Grant, too, but he’s dropped a few pegs in my mind.) Really like this talk on working relationships. It’s a far ranging talk - trust, power, agreement/disagreement, dichotomy, complexity - it’s got it all!

    WorkLife with Adam Grant: Work Relationships with Esther Perel

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