Dave Chappelle's SNL Monologue is Awesome

Sat, Nov 14, 20

Biden’s victory speech last weekend was great. That is what the President of the United States should sound like. I’m really looking forward to that being the norm again. I don’t think Biden’s was the best televised address from last weekend, though. For me, that award goes to Dave Chappelle, and his opening monologue on Saturday Night Live.

Simulating the MXR Dyna Comp Compressor in LTSpice

Mon, Nov 02, 20

Compressors are another fun audio effect that I’ve been looking forward to taking a stab at simulating. In the spirit of starting small, I decided to take a look at the MXR Dyna Comp compressor pedal. It’s common, it’s affordable, and, as compressor circuits go, it’s pretty simple to understand. That’s saying something, as compression itself is a deep topic - far deeper than can be covered in this one blog post.

Alexa Seems to Be Getting Worse With Time

Tue, Oct 27, 20

I loved my Amazon Echo when they first came out. I love to cook, and I love to listen to music, so my Amazon Echo naturally won a spot in my kitchen when I first got it. Later on, it got upgraded to a Sonos One. Both speakers had voice control features that I loved, and used all the time. Hands-free timer setting and music control? Sign me up! However, Alexa’s shine has started to wear off - especially in the last six months. What’s changed?

What to Say When They Ask For Your Salary History

Mon, Oct 26, 20

TL;DR: “I’m still trying to establish whether this role is a good fit for me. Why? What is this role worth to your company?”

Simulating the Boss GE-7 Graphic Equalizer in LTSpice

Tue, Oct 20, 20

I find myself with a bit of excess time on my hands, now that I’m between jobs. Given that, I’ve found a few more challenging pedals to tear into and analyze.

How to do a Prototype Build for a Hardware Product

Fri, Oct 16, 20

Building your first set of product prototypes is a really exciting milestone for a hardware company. It’s the first chance to see the hard work of a lot of crossfunctional contributors bear fruit, in the form of a real, tangible, functioning item. It’s also a great opportunity to learn about the “meta-product” - the process of building your product at scale.

Simulating the Schaller Tremolo Pedal in LTSpice

Tue, Oct 13, 20

I’ve been on a roll with these pedal simulations, so, why not keep a good thing going? Today’s pedal sim is a closer look at the Schaller Tremolo Pedal.

Software = Agile! Hardware = Waterfall!

Fri, Oct 09, 20

There’s a fundamental tension between software orgs and hardware orgs, and I think I’ve spotted it.

Books I've Learned a Ton From

Wed, Oct 07, 20

In no particular order. Please consider buying a copy and supporting the authors.

Getting git describe into a PyInstaller program

Thu, Oct 01, 20

I’ve written about the joy of distributing scripts to less tech-savvy coworkers. Now that some of these simple GUIs have been out in the field for a few weeks, I’m getting a few reports of buggy or odd behavior from the end consumers. As a result, it’s my turn to learn a hard programmer’s lesson: it’s super challenging to fix bigs without a corresponding version to test/repro against. After some putzing and poking online, I learned about git describe. Just the ticket for my versioning needs! And, even better, there’s a great Python wrapper for it - I just have to import git in my Python scripts, and I can extract information from git seamlessly!